Spotting & Photography

There are no 'official' spotting points at the Heliport. Mostly because it is far too small and there isn't a lot of activity! There however a few spots where good photography and helicopter viewing can be achieved.

Click here for a map of all the spotting locations

Spot 1 - Across The River Clyde, By The Science Tower

Spotting From Across The River Clyde - G-SPAO Arriving

G-SPAO Viewed Landing At The Heliport From Across The Clyde.

Spotting From Across The River Clyde - G-SASB Departing

G-SASB Departs From The Heliport Over G-SPAO.

From this point, you can see the whole of the Heliport. You are not restricted by any fences like on the other side. It is a spot favourable for photography as for the most part the sun will be behind you.

For those looking to take photographs from here, it is adviseable that you have a good lens or a good quality zoom on your camera. The best position is generally on top of the steps of the science tower, as you are slightly more elevated. This location is better for when the aircraft are departing/arriving against the Glasgow city end, however this is never guaranteed as you do not know where they are going or coming in from!

Spot 2 - The Tall Ship / Curry Karaoke Club Restaurant Car Park

Spotting From The Car Park - G-SASB Scottish Ambulance Service
G-SASB Parked On The Apron, Viewed Through The Car Park Fence.

Spotting From The Car Park - G-SPAO Strathclyde Police

G-SPAO Arriving At The Heliport, Viewed From The Car Park.

This is the most common position for people to watch / photograph any aircraft on the apron. It is the car park for the Tall Ship and the Curry Karaoke Club Restaurant, and thus it can / will get busy sometimes and you may be asked to move on if this happens - please obey the rules if asked by either of these or the staff at the Heliport. There are notices up in the car park warning of helicopter downdraft and rotorwash due to the proximity of the landings and takings off that occur.

This is the closest physical position that you will get to the helicopters. You can pretty much walk right up to the fence and look at them. Nearly all of the time the Ambulance aircraft will be the one closest to you, with the police nearer to the river. This is a great position for both taking off and landing, and does not require a long lens or long zoom. The two main problems are that a) you are directly against the sun for a lot of the time and b) the fence can sometimes mess up your photos if you are trying to photograph through or against the fence.

Spot 3 - Stobcross Road

Spotting From Stobcross Road - G-SASB Scottish Ambulance Service

G-SASB Approaches From Over the SECC Car Park / Stobcross Road.

Spotting From Stobcross Road - G-SPAO Strathclyde Police

G-SPAO Rests Facing The Clyde - Viewed From Stobcross Road.

Stobcross Road runs alongside the heliport, adjacent to the car park of the Scottish Exhibition Centre (SECC). It provides a good opporunity for photos of any helicopters that may be parked on the part of the apron that is less frequently used. It is also good for side on shots of the Police aircraft depending on how it is parked. The fence here is of medium height and thus is better for photography.

If either of the based aircraft come in over the SECC car park this is a better vanatge point than the car park for more close up shots of the landing aircraft.

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