Based Aircraft

Bond Have 2 permanently based aircraft operating from the heliport. These are two Eurocopter EC135T2+ aircraft - one is used by the Strathclyde Police Force, the other by the Scottish Ambulance Service.

Strathclyde Police

Victor Mike 70

Based Aircraft - G-SPAO Strathclyde Police

Strathclyde Police have one helicopter based at Glasgow City Heliport.

G-SPAO Is a Eurocopter EC135T2+. It entered service in 2007, replacing G-SPHU which had operated over Glasgow and the surrounding area's skies since 2002. This aircraft is now operating in England as the Great Western Air Ambulance.

G-SPAO operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The aircraft is crewed by one full time pilot and two police observers.

Scottish Ambulance Service (Scottish Air Ambulance)

Helimed 5

Based Aircraft - G-SASB Scottish Ambulance Service

The Scottish Ambulance Service have one helicopter based at Glasgow City Heliport, however the two that are operated regularly swap bases and thus from time to time both can be seen at the Heliport.

G-SASB is more than often the usual aircraft based at the Heliport. G-SASA & G-SASB are both Eurocopter EC135T2+ aircraft. They were both upgraded to T2+ specification in 2008. The other helicopter is based at Inverness Airport.

The service operates, like the police, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, crewed by 1 pilot and 2 paramedics. However, due to the dangers posed against HEMS operations at night, in the hours of darkness it is common for the aircraft to operate more schedueled journeys, ie Inter-hospital transfers.

Bond Air Services

Based Aircraft - G-BZRS Spare

The heliport is one of Bond's Maintenance bases. Occasionally a Bond Aircraft in one form or another can be seen at the base, if on site for maintenance or covering for a based aircraft. The most common visitors seem to be Eurocopter EC135's G-BZRS & G-SPHU; and Bond's reducing fleet of Bolkow BO105 aircraft may be seen, for example when on contract with the Northern Lighthouse Board.

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